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A Website Built With The Latest Code Standards
My websites are built to rank well in the search engines so readers, customers, and clients can find you. My sites are also built on HTML5, the new code standard, to ensure cross-browser compatibility and making your site mobile-friendly by being responsive. When you work with me I partner with you from start to finish to help you take your brand from idea to execution. My mission is to partner with you to create an unforgettable not to mention amazing online empire that takes your business to a whole new level.
Everything You Need In One Fabulous Place
Once your website is complete there will be other things you will need to move forward with your branding message. Your new and gorgeous brand should flow consistently wherever you decide to market your business. Need some amazing copy for your website's pages? Newsletters design? How about social media design services? I have all of that and more for just for YOU right here!
Over A Decade Of Marketing and Design Experience
I have over a decade in design and marketing experience. As a digital media designer I have received tremendous appreciation for my work which can be witnessed all over United States. My sheer dedication and passion have awarded me the status of an award winning designer for which I am deeply honored. My press page and testimonials are proof of that.
Someone Who Celebrates Your Achievements
I am always a little sad when a project comes to an end. But just because a project comes to an end does not mean that a friendship has to. Many of my clients have long term goals and our continuing to grow their business in amazing ways. I love to stay in touch and even possibly be a part of their ideas or next project. I have created a Facebook group that you can request to join in an effort for us to never lose touch. It is a great way for you to share your goals and accomplishments and offers me an opportunity to celebrate and support YOU along the way!


I am here to help you take your business to the next level, straight through the many hurdles you might face to have a successful salon website.

My name is Nicole, a professional digital media designer and web developer. I am also the founder of nicole-orozco.com. I am here to help you take your business to the next level, straight through the many hurdles you might face to have a successful website. I have over a decade of experience in digital design and marketing. I have designed salon websites, spa websites, boutique websites, and other small business websites. I love working with the beauty industry but also provide services to other small businesses as well. All my websites are built to rank highly in search engines so that browsers can find you easily. I use HTML5, a new code standard, in creating my websites to make sure your site is responsive, mobile friendly and cross-browser compatible.

The internet does not have to be scary, or ugly. Having a fluid website where your users focus entirely to you and your message can prove to be out of reach. Moreover, the hassles of calling on a web designer, graphic developer or a marketing strategist can prove to be real headache. How about getting all these done perfectly under one roof?I would love to partner with my you from the beginning to the end to create an amazing online palace that transforms your business. I will walk with you in every step of the way, from design that lets you shine, to a stylish and sturdy development, to the constant and exclusive support that is hard to find elsewhere. Both you and your website users will definitely feel confident and well taken care of.

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